WHY I QUIT SMOKING MARIJUANA &Personal Benefits I’ve Experienced

What up earthlings ! Today’s video is about why I quit chiefin, and some personal benefits I’ve experienced, hope you enjoy! Feel free to like, comment, and …


  1. Your story sounds so similar to mine. Just decided I need to give herb a break as well and for very similar reasons as you stated. I'm only on day 2 without it right now but I've quit before so I know it can be done again. In 2016 I gave up alcohol and had the night sweats just like you described you had with cannabis, it sucked! Thank you for making this video it really resonated with me and gives me motivation to continue! Much love, new sub:)

  2. The climate of government has screwed up the affects of weed some. They tell us how they spy on everything we do and that causes paranoia sometimes. As far as the cost of weed, it can easily be grown.

  3. I feel you… I used to burn alot… now I Burn once and a great while mostly when my training is peaked…. Especially me comming from Hawaii you grow up burning…. But I feel you … some times you jus gotta kik things and go back to normal…

  4. Im 2 years + deep (not to brag at all ha) I used to smoke every…. EVERY fucking day, smoke it, sell it, buy it, whatever, if it was weed related I was down, I would smoke in cold winters, rain, wind. I would need to smoke to sleep etc. It's kinda crazy, like it was a huuuuuuuge part of my life, Im at a stage where I can be around it and not have any craving at all, I don't want it at all, it used to be real hard to turn it down. I had to distance myself for 2 months to do it at first.

    I disagree with your thoughts on creativity with weed, being a 'creative' myself it makes you think creatively, but not act accordingly on this creativity. You need to be able to feel a high from the art you've made / making sober. You do need to be able to handle yourself and your business sober as you said.

    You need to be able to destress sober, be the person you want to be sober. To be able to feel vibration from the planet walking bare foot on the earth, rather than burning it at temperatures it is not meant to be burnt at and inhaling it.
    Smoking weed for me became a habit, and an excuse, a habit for happiness, an excuse for my time. Amongst the money you've saved, realise all the time you will be saving for yourself too.

    Good luck on this journey, continue to prosper.

  5. Thank you for this. I love cannabis but I decided that I need to hang it up now that I'm looking to push business. Just discovered your channel today. Very helpful and inspiring

  6. I agree with most of what you said, personally i quit smoking too but i would still not mind in having a vape or joint every once in a while or on special occasions but when it becomes too often is when it affects spiritual awareness and negatives in physical/mental/emotional occur and cause more delusions in life. Another reason i stopped is because i started to act out of my character when high and would be angry and restless without it.

    The reason why smoking becomes so addictive to the average person because it raises the vibe and allows them to live more in the present and makes them feel like a kid again which most people have lost connection too so they go back for more and more in use to escape this adult life forced on them when they truly miss being a kid however cannabis simply shows you the door but most people don't see it so they go back for more instead of learning from the plant and applying its teachings like other psychedelics. Once you get the message, hang up the phone or it will only backfire and wind you deeper in loops.

    I will say one thing though many people still forget about word magic and how words cast spells thus why they call it "spelling".

    The proper term is (Cannabis). Marijuana has a lot of negatively influenced subconscious programming that comes with the term and is not the correct term for Cannabis Sativa plant but a more drug enforced term which only creates more negative patterns and connections for the medicine.

    Proud of you and very interesting how we came to similar changes in life at the same time and not just you but many other light beings and all at around the same time, they all went through that intense relationship, ups and downs, lost track of spiritual path, lead to psychedelics and weed now all at same time starting to get back to source <333

  7. I just hope you get more subscribers so you can inspire more young girls like yourself and believe me you are definitely on the right path even though i am myself not there yet but rethinking my ways as we speak i am more alcohol user and been weed smoker on and off and definitely agree with you. Salome

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