Weed Review: Mango Kush Cannabis Strain Review: Marijuana

Weed Review: Mango Kush Cannabis Strain Review: Marijuana For information on seeds uptowngrowlab@gmail.com Visit the website www.uptowngrowlab.net …


  1. Have you ever seen those individual plant growing pods that you can buy and grow a single plant in it supposed to do all the growing for you and it has a light built into the top lid and it keeps the plant incased in glass. Hand in there JJ and keep your head up. You do great work and I have enjoyed your videos for a long time.

  2. You told me yersterday I think ima live stream the forbidden fruit you had was very purple and I was waiting for some to arrive well I got it and it was very purple as well and very nice 🙂

  3. Out standing makes me want to listen to some ZZ Top the jacket and bracelet take me back a ways. Nice not to hear the F bomb every other word. You're on point!

  4. I would guess that this strain is high in Myrcene which is the fruity/mango undertones. The Myrcene would explain the sedative, relaxed feel. Some people eat Mangoes before smoking because it enhances the high not only in length but intensity. Mangoes themselves have a high level of Myrcene which is IMO my favorite Terp profile.

  5. Ive been watching for around 6 months and never miss a show. My fiancee loves listening in the background so much that you have just gained a new subscriber. Keep up the awesome work JJ 🙂

  6. i just had a flash back to 1990 and smoking out of a GRAPHIX 2 foot bong… i now need to return to the cheapest bongs made, and try to find one, but dam the memories of smoking out a GRAPHIX BONG,

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