1. I have a Phalaenopsis that bloomed for 14 month , and I never watered like on the video,all I did was tut 3 cubes of ice like the seller recommended ,I sprayed once a week and kept it on the window sill with 3 hrs of direct morning sun(Connecticut),it is resting now…And about the rebloom cut,I red that you have to cut above the second knee,so I did for my other one and within 2 month it gave me a beautiful flowers…

  2. There's a huge difference between a place having a rainforest exhibit and being a legit rainforest. Also, even if it were a real rainforest, that isn't the only one in the continental 48. We also have the Appalachian and the Pacific Northwest Rainforests.

  3. Sorry but you are mistaken. You could have gone to El Yunke, Puerto Rico It is the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. You could have gone there and experience orchid life at its finest.

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