1. Only reason why I'm doing rehab again is to get away from it all. It's almost like a vacation for me. Once u get past the real sick part n u stick it out in rehab u see a different side of life and ppl..I think some ppl might need to see this. It can make u think differently about everything.

  2. Even though it sucks that you were both addicted to heroin, I'm glad that you are now successful and people can see that addicts are not useless junkies that will never amount to anything or can never beat the addiction or all of the other stereotypical assumptions that people make.
    I was once extremely successful..
    Addiction stole everything from me but I never stole anything for addiction. I still worked hard throughout my entire addiction.. the only one I hurt was myself but I actually destroyed myself and now trying to rebuild one teeny tiny piece at a time.. it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.. if I can get through this and if I'm ever fortunate enough to have success again someday, I will be telling the whole world about my journey.

  3. You guys motivate me to make some videos and share my story as well. Coming soon :). Gotta help as many people as we can with the positive outlook. Lord knows there are too many horror stories posted on YouTube that has kept many of us in fear far to long. Subscribed

  4. I love you guys videos!! Please keep them coming. I positivity is exactly what I vibe with. Currently at 1 mg sub per day on my taper and excited as fuck to be Opiate free. 9/11 is my quit date 💪. Thanks fellas

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