1. Musk maybe had to smoke. Rogan could be a high ranking Mason. In their world, it doesnt matter if you're the President or world wide famous. A regular unknown person can be above you in the Masonic structure. A superior.

  2. What does this dude retiring in 96 have to do with anything man😂 hardest trolling I've ever witnessed. I dont even want to wrap my brain around it anymore. FUCKING SAMURAI SWORD🤣🤣🤣 shut up dude seriously get a life, ham.

  3. I think all this is more because we live in a matrix. I don't think all it is peoples… like he picked up the sword because?? A conspiracy? No. It's not coincidence, but synchronicity.

  4. If you even think for a second that Joe would have u on possibly, YOU are a stooge. I'm happy Elon smoked sumn, he's ALIVE and we r here to experience new things. You're a little berserk dude.

  5. People like you are the real danger, potential suicide-cult starters, and you get morons to feel special, like you shared some mystic secret with them, and they make fools out of them self s via your bullshit… Yeah, You are smarter than Elon, right, he makes universal, huge inventions and has huge intellect, and YOU, you fucking make this type of retarded shit and think it makes you special. Your type thinks occult ordo's as some conspiracy shit, when it's just work to improve and better ourselves, that's it, go join an order and get disappointed. You know what the real secret is? That there is no secret, you are the only god there is, you are the master of your own destiny…but you and people like you are too deep in that bullshit to come back, see, then you would have nothing anymore, so stay there, in the dark place, so that only the fools catch the stupid you spread. I'm sure Rogan has thought all the shit you only you know, but he's grown out of it, while you are still in square one. Keep on entertaining the mass of stupid, and when your cult finally does suicide/terrorist ending, I will read it from daily magazine of Bull shit.
    131 XXV 480


  7. Great video Zach. It is so funny how you expose these bozos using such profound knowledge. And it seems that after all these years, you show more confidence in what you say. You likely know I have your book. I just need time to hit it.

  8. Zach, gematria knowledge cannot save us from what's coming. Behind all this is no human entity (49 6:12, 60 5:8). It's being restrained but not for long (53 2:7). We are no match. 888 doesn't just possess truth, 888 IS Truth (43 14:6) – the human's only hope.

  9. I’ve been following your work since after Alabama won the National Championship this year. As a Samoan and somebody that has played football, I was excited to see a Samoan QB lead a comeback. But I realized that the code even applies to sports and the people who play them. I’ve never been able to put the strings together on a lot of other conspiracies I’ve looked into until I discovered your work. I bought your book and left a review on Etsy. My life has changed for the better and I’m trying to help those around me wake up to the deception too. Thanks Zach!

  10. Good point of the distractions and Musk as a front man. There are a number of reasons for/agendas of the fake "truthers", but keeping people occupied daily so they don't find channels like this is one of the main reasons. Elon Musk is just a much of a front as Sam Walton.

  11. Chris Jerico, the pro wrestler, has a podcast very much like Joe Rogan. Last month he interviewed russianvids. that shill RV tried to explain gematria and didn't even use the word gematria or even Derick's gematrinator calculator. Jerico was seemingly interested but left confused. He has millions of listeners. His show is called Talk is Jericho, I'm sure he would have you on. He wants to know more.

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