Cannabis News – “De Facto” Legalization in Mexico | Ep. 259 | 11-01-2018

Joe Klare discusses the Detroit NAACP’s opposition to marijuana legalization, the amount of cannabis studies done since 2000 and historic cannabis law reform …


  1. Wow your what a typical 32 year old city man would want I’ve been raised in Miami FL n it would be a dream come true for it to be commercially sold safer than alcohol and healthier than that brown shit I have to watch my mother die from cause she just can’t quit she’s 58 coming down w lung cancer n weed doesn’t cause cancer it prevents it its in the Bible for goodness sake I might have to move to Mexico for commercial sale but why should I bend over to these politicians when I was born in this country this is my country n it is my right to consume cannabis

  2. Viva the Budification awesome now all we need is Trump to federally decriminalized cannabis and all of the Americas will be at cannabis Paradise Budification Nation that's my new Bud word for the 21st century

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