CBD Oil Dosage: How Much CBD should I Take? For Beginners

If you’re a beginner to CBD oil! This Video will help you select your primary CBD oil dosage. It’s really difficult when starting as there is almost no research …


  1. Meh…cbd is okay I guess for anxiety. Does not last long enough for me. Works great for soreness and sleep but its hit or miss. I was a long time cannabis toker as a teen so it probs doesn't work so well for me.

  2. Yeah, with respect, you have a channel on CBD, I would learn what amounts are necessary. Ezekiel below me is a good reason why we as consumers need to know. I watched this left me still clueless on what I should do. For other readers, I am here because I needed to hear some negative comments on Hemp Bombs as a CBD oil. Its easier to trust negative comments in this field than positive ones. I'm varying my newfound necessity of CBD as I was offered FECO oil capsules done by a lady who was helping the community at large in Australia. Its illegal here, she got busted, you know the story from there. Since, I have found nothing like it. Trying to understand why. Full extract? Does the whole plant get used. Ive learned that HEMP BOMBS is an isolate not full spectrum and that could be reason I am not having any help with it, and I'm on 3000mg bottle (what does that even mean – to me?). Nu-Leaf was last, before that and best I can as a desperate anxiety depression pain issues user. Pure Spectrum was first after my "Little old lady" home done Capsules. I found zero noticeable effects. Maybe it was me not taking it right, or amounts. But I assure you, any reader, that when you realise you can now have showers hot like other ppl and not stand there getting it right for 5 minutes, you FREAK out. Neuropathy I realised was more an issue than I had previously thought. Something like this was an eye opener. Here we get tested for drug driving at same time as drink, unfortunately they put THC users in with Meth heads. So CBD oil by companies is best but I would do anything to find an oil that actually reduced pain also and maybe im not looking for the CBD only but the ones that have the perhaps? If these all are made with hemp plants then if what I had was a full extract (FEMCO, or FECO), of whole plant, I cant imagine why they would have gone to the effort using hemp, so it must have been Cannabis. It's all so confusing. You've also got the US government holding patents on CBD oil related stuff yet FDA doesn't allow you to say the stuff will help. Just "MAY" help. Hope you learn about dosage Kate. It's great you take the time to help educate us. It just looks as if you are unsure yourself. Hell, I need this education bad but cant find anywhere that doesn't feel like freebies are coming to the channels or blogs to write good stuff. Sorry to complain. I'm kinda good at it. Take care y'all.

  3. sorry again, my pain management doctor put me on cbd and he told me to take 23 mg at nite.. i could not sleep for a week ok.. i did some research and some say that taking not enough can cause insomnia so what i did is doubled it and i can sleep now and i told my doctor about that and he said Humm weird.. i asked him if he takes it and he said no. so i told him that its ok ,, you dont have the issues that i do and others do so you have no personal experience with it. but i am glad you as a doctor introduced me to it, he said ok.. some doctors dont have the experience with it but they suggest it.. u need to find out yourself and research it more.. people you will find the right dosage.. 🙂

  4. it has been frustrating when i started cbd oil.. it did not do anything for me for like 3 months as pain wise.. but as drug withdrawal it was awesome i took as much as 1000mg per day.. i went through a 8600 mg bottle in 8.5 days.. was 240 dollars lol.. now i take about 1000mg to 2000 mg a month 35mg to 71mg a day

  5. If you're a beginner to CBD oil! This Video will help you select your primary CBD oil dosage.

    It's really difficult when starting as there is almost no research regarding the dosage which people should start with.

    These are the steps I took to get the best CBD dosage for myself:

    1) 1/6 of body weight in MG is the minimum CBD oil you can take. You can work your way up after 1-2 weeks where it really helps you.

    2) You will have to experiment with your CBD oil. If your CBD oil is from a good company then be assured that it has almost no side effects even if you take a bunch of it. But always start slow and increase your dosage. As high CBD can make you drowsy.

    3) Consult with a doctor who practices marijuana education.

    I mostly take it for anxiety and my boyfriend takes it for sleep issues.

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