Crystal Meth is Destroying South African Communities (2006)

Shattered Dreams (2006): Investigating the drug that’s ravaging suburban South Africa communities. For similar stories, see: Gangs Are Stealing Anti-Retrovirals …


  1. Drugs destroy and flatten the governments plan against humanity. Anything that displaces society safe or not, the government will not like and smear accordingly. It is called control and drugs are a very effective way to accomplish this with propaganda. This is observable, if I say "drugs are fun" society boos, it's outraged in a state of taboo, when infact they are fun or no one would even bother with it to start, so as you can see a distortion has taken place. Either side is unable to find a middle ground, because of this, drug use continues.

    The true gateway is propaganda which creates curiousity when the occasion arises. When I first smoked a joint I was fucking outraged that I believed all that trash.

  2. I've been messing with meth for years now. Just gotta control yourself. It really isn't what they make it out to be. Work 12 hour shifts all week then use on the weekends to be hype, have fun and get energy to get errands done. I've used like this for 3 years I did used to binge and stay up for weeks back when I was in highschool but it took a toll on me. But you keep it to a one day a week thing and it's not that bad. I crash out sunday afternoon and wake up Monday morning at 5am feeling back to normal. Of course I get it straight from the source and they never cut my shit. I think the cheap shake n bake with lithium and the MSM they cut dope with is what makes meth much worse

  3. I use to smoke meth when i was young really young i liked it i was a shy person really quiet but when i would smoke it i would get soo energetic and confident to talk to every1 about anyhting soo i liked it at first no problem at all then after 1 year of using everyday i started to get paranoid and it wasnt no fun anymore i went to jail and that helped me get clean and i been clean from meth about 7 years im scared to touch it sometimes is tempting but the calm down and being paranoid and falling back makes me say nahh. But at 1:25 what is that what do you call that a Nickel straw??

  4. If there was a guarantee that my money would definitely be spent on meth to help further destroy African communities, I'd donate to that particular charity.

    Fuck Africa

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