Pot STOCKS Cool Off | Aurora Cannabis Next Stop $13?

The majority of cannabis stocks posted a lower high and lower low initiating a pullback. I believe this pullback to be a healthy cool-off after the strength cannabis …


  1. Loved the stream as always!!!! I do have a question for you:
    Acb, Cron, CGC, & Tilray all reporting earnings this month do you think it will help or hurt or be neutral for the cannabis sector?

  2. Awesome ! Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom. I started trading this year. Steep learning curve, tonnes of fun. Great to find an experienced person to learn some more tricks from. ( gotta love Youtube ). Subscribed.

  3. Next week is going to be extremely volatile, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it bounced around quite a bit. I sold out of a few small positions, but hunkering down with my long-term positions. Best of luck! Earnings next week could be a nail biter.

  4. Hey Tom – love your videos and breakdowns! Was trying to look all over to find when Medipharm releases its earning, but couldn't find it – any idea, or where I might look for that info?

  5. Here's what I think. Earnings are going to mis significantly for the whole sector, and everyone will panic. You'll here things like it's over, there's no real demand. The weak will sell. I will buy.

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