30 Facts About Shatter – Transformers Bumblebee(2018)

30 Facts About Shatter – Transformers Bumblebee(2018) Hey guys The Fire Brothers here and today I’m bringing you back an old series that I use to do, that’s …


  1. To anyone who watched the bumblebee movie: when john cena aka. Agent burns was fighting shatter and dropkick with the chopper he is on.. DID ANY OF YOU MADE A PEQUOD JOKE (if you don't know what the pequod joke is, it's the chopper guy from metal gear solid v phantom pain)

  2. This is an amazing video, Shatter is my new favourite Female Decepticon, it was originally Airchaid (From TF PRIME ),She is a fantastic actress,A good cop,a sinister executor etc,I hope she return in Cartoon form,And I thought u would mention that Shatter and Dropkick are siblings ,It was mention before the first trailer,and I like to believe they are siblings but theytype of siblings that don't mention they siblings because it probably show weakness or the way they are serious they feel it is not necessary. And Shatter would be more awesome like 10x awesome if she had a sword ,that would be Badass ,Oh and please everyone STOP NOTICING HER CHEST ,GIRL STOP BEING JEALOUS OF HER AND GUYS

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