1. Shamans of the ancient times used drugs for the following reasons

    – They ate mushrooms to get in contact with the gods within the spirit world.
    – They used certain combinations of plants to create medicines that were seen as Blessings of the gods or better known as Miracles
    – They used Alchohol to endure pain aswell as dis-infect wounds
    – They used THC to cleanse the mind and obstruct the inner demons
    – They used CBD to cure certain disseases which couldn't be fixed via herbs which again got viewed apon as a miracles

    Depending on the ceremony various types of drugs where often combined to maximize the contact with the Gods.

    It doesn't matter where you look all shamans within all cultures of mankind used herbs for it's magical properties
    This is known as Alchemy. [Obviously]

    Hell even animals enjoy that shit 🙂
    Ever saw a drunk bird? XD

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