CHS (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome) symptoms and coping summary

This is mostly just a quick video discussing my personal symptoms and experience so far with being diagnosed with CHS due to heavy use of marijuana for so …


  1. I just got out of the ER today. I only smoke here and there. I took the biggest hit out of a bong that I every did and like 20 minutes I was throwing up everywhere. I was blocking out and having tunnel fusion. My friends had to call 911.

  2. I have to call BS only because it just happened to me … I've always used ladybugs so it aint neem boys & Herb doesn't get more organic than mine, been farming for 30years I smoke about 200g of Hashish every month & I haven't had a "DAY OFF" from smokin' m'herbs or Hash in @ the very least 20+ solid years … I am very unhappy about this. Every minute is a record broken since I never took a break. It's been 3 days not smoking & I DO feel better but I'm super worried to haul on a spliff because holly shiznits!!! the pain… the belly pain man is f* atrocious… I dont know WTF but even though I cured skin cancer(twice) in others I feel jiffed THIS ISN"T OK :/
    Cannabis is the only Love in my life besides my dog & cat… it's like being betrayed by the one I LOVE… I'm not sure what to think or if I can smoke again… I just don't know.
    I am upset but @ least I found out about Wim Hof & that's gonna have to be my silver lining.

  3. I have chs. It makes my life a living hell. I am currently experiencing anxiety, panic, the inability to eat without smoking and nausea that is temporarily relieved with a hot shower. I have not thrown up yet but only because I take a hit when it starts to get bad. I just can't quit yet and I'm scared as fucking hell. This is not my first rodeo. I lived with active chs for almost five years and was first hospitalized in 2000, then again in 2004 and 2010. Thank you for telling your story. I could relate to you on a level that brought me to tears because nobody I know understands. Nobody.

  4. I had the syptoms two times the second was after one year (two months ago) I am smoking many years and I did not stop even after the two episodes do I have the CHS? I mean if I have the CHS should I have had more syptoms this two years which I didnt stop smoking? please if someone knows I will be very grateful

  5. “sola dosis facit venenum” the dose make it a poison. Paracelsus said it in 1500, and before him, It was Plato and Aristotle. It’s like BC times…..Humanity does not learn from it’s mistakes.

  6. It’s not thc… it’s the toxins being added. Check out Monsanto having a patent for weed!!! I just bought a half oz at the store, high quality… it taste like smoking bleach- unsmokable. The store does not care . Causes tight chest , chronic cough for days- from a few small tokes. It’s toxic . Nothing like weed. I have smoked since 1978 … this all started when govnmt got involved. They are selling us poison

  7. Been dealing with this for a few years and it is hell. It’s been really difficult for me to be productive. It definitely was worse when I was smoking vape pens and taking dabs. Still bad when I smoke herb but the concentrate brings on the symptoms 2-3x as much and as bad.
    It’s finally time for me to quit… I’m 6’3 and 140 pounds because I can barely eat, at my worst I have spent 6+ hours in the shower dry heaving. Had a panic attack too where my heart rate got to 170bpm and literally my whole body felt numb except where my heart it and I had to take an ambulance ride. The pain is so not worth the high and CHS is no fuckin joke. Unreal to me that people keep denying that it’s a real illness.

  8. I've been having symptoms of this last 3 weeks I had this respiratory infection where I was coughing up yellow s*** for like the longest time and it was so hard to breathe now I'm just having to some Domino bulshit that I had back in October

  9. thank you i’m going through CSH and i’m on vacation from work :(. one of the things i do to feel better is putting my fingers down my throat to make myself throw up. this is the only way i feel better, smoking didn’t help me. now i am able to eat very little and take small poops. thanks again

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