1. Mental issues? Let’s face the facts here, he’s letting people know he doesn’t love playing football, he’s at a place where he rather be happy than to live up to others expectations! Who Cares, he’s made his decision, he’s fine with it, why can’t y’all be! He’s not an idiot!

  2. Opiods are used because they SERIOSULY work much faster for severly injured patients. Marijuana does not. Its a fucking rule. No tattoss is no tattoos. No long hair is no long hair. Dress code is a dress code. No marijuana is no marijuana. David is a FUCKING MORON.

  3. Irving a idiot period. What I'm more shocked and stunned that cowboys picked up hurns 4 million dollar option. Makes 0 sense business and football sense. Hurns had 295 yards and 1 TD . Any rookie u dtaft I guratee will double those numbers . Who the fuck making these dumb ass moves Stephen or will. I believe Jerry just signing checks only in his age. Only thing I can think of beasely will walk and they are putting hurns in beasely spot

  4. We had to trade Ryan Switzer for a Jihad Ward because that blond haired bitch got suspended, now that Ward gone ,switzer gone, Beasley gone, and this blonde weak minded bitch is gone…go piss up a rope Irving

  5. Millions of dollars or weed?

    The guy is retarded, don't sugarcoat it with the whole " weed should be legal argument", this was way too stupid for my mind to process. You get ONE chance at it and he couldn't commit, smh

  6. He makes a good point but damn he's stupid. Give me his paycheck I'll quit weed forever lol I'm lucky enough to work for ups and we don't get tested also our supervisors don't care about that shit.

  7. Great vid, Bruh. The only thing I view differently is the "Privilege" part. The NFL makes billions of dollars off their players' athleticism. These guys bust their asses to develop their God given gifts. If anything, it's a "Privilege" for the NFL to have these guys making them billions of dollars. When we start thinking like the head of our affairs, we'll begin to see things differently, and look to build from having a king's mindset. I get where you're coming from though. David Irving is just "STUPID". That's all we can say about it. I hate to see wasted opportunities like this. He had all the chances in the world to make a great career doing something that many of us would kill to have the opportunity for. SMDH…….

  8. Irving is gonna have a tougher time legally keeping his daughter now that put a video of him getting high on Instagram for his ex-girlfriend and her lawyer to use against him.

  9. You can’t smoke weed at a normal job why should the sports and entertainment field be different David Irving is very Foolish playing in the nfl is not a right it’s a privilege

  10. He's gonna sit there and complain about the rules lol STFU I would be happy playing a great game all the time and making serious money. I agree that pain killers and alcohol is way worse than weed. When you have a job you can't be high all the time. Liability Issue.

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