Logan Paul Exploiting Japan Scandal For Profit? Democrat Thanks Trump, Thailand Rescue, & More

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  1. I like how Trudeau handled this. "Why did you apologize if you did nothing wrong?"

    "Because, while I don't remember doing anything wrong, it obviously made her uncomfortable. For whatever reason, she attributes that discomfort to me. So, whatever I might have done, I apologize. It wasn't intended to make her uncomfortable. It was a fun day and I'm saddened that, for at least one of the festival goers, the day turned out to not be so great."

    Handled like a TRUE gentleman. America could learn a lot from this man.

  2. Ugh. As a Canadian I’m so annoyed and unhappy with our dingbat prime minister, we cant vote this idiot out fast enough. Hopefully he doesn’t do too much more damage to our beautiful country before he leaves

  3. I agree with Justin Trudeau. I think an interaction between two people can be interpreted differently and sometimes that matters depending on the interaction. Yes, I think Trudeau is being treated with kid gloves compared to other men that have had simalor allegations made about them.

  4. I know I've had encounters with women in which I've unwittingly made them uncomfortable. I'm a 6 foot 1, 250 pound man, and though I try not not be intimidating to others, it does occasionally happen. Especially with women. The fact is that for most men, it's just not something we are consciously aware of. We don't always have an understanding of what it's like to be a woman and the constant low level concern and feeling of vulnerability that they live with on a daily basis. I think it's entirely possible that Trudeau unwittingly made someone uncomfortable. It's also possible he was entirely in the wrong and maybe he did something overt that made the woman in question uncomfortable. I think the answer to the problem lies in open, honest communication. We should be fostering understanding in people and promoting an atmosphere in which someone is free to say that they feel uncomfortable in a situation without fear of that statement damaging the encounter or whatever benefits the encounter may present, (i.e. a job interview or something of the like) while also not making the other person feel like they're being attacked or accused of intentionally being offensive or forward. These societal ills will never be corrected if we don't work together. We've seen what happens when people jump to conclusions in a reactive society, and we've seen what happens when people don't speak out. How about we all try being open and honest with each other and see what kind of world we can build then? It is imperative to have these conversations in order to actually get anywhere.

  5. The number of trees we cut down a year, how many are managed plantations vs actual clear cutting?
    I've seen farmers around my area recently dozing old trees and then letting new saplings grow in the same place. Haven't done an exhaustive study but it might actually be a net gain?

  6. I think Trudeau was treated differently, however, I don't think it's unjustified. It was a single account from many years ago, and he addressed it quickly. Not only did he address it, he then offered a lengthy response. The people who accused him of wrongdoing don't seem to be pushing very hard, and Trudeau didn't deny the feelings that the person may have felt and may still feel. Trudeau said regardless of how he feels, that doesn't mean her feelings are unjust, and he went out and tried to make sure that his message was more clearly understood.

  7. Disgusting PR move.

    So…how many of those 15 billion trees are still alive and growing?

    Trudeau is an excellent apologizer and would apologize for just about anything really. What I find most funny was he's quoted as saying, "If I'd known you were a reporter for a national paper, I would not have been so forward." Which obviously means, if you report for your high school or college paper, watch the fuck out!

    I'm certain, given time (a day or two), the incoming EPA head will deliver just as many scandals as the outgoing Pruitt.

    Because DNA tests are famous for coming in under 6 months.

  8. the only way you can mope for their to be something good in Logan Paul is to hope basically hope he has some kind of fatal medical condition as it would be something in Logan Paul and it would do something good which is to end Logan Paul

  9. a documentary of where he was in his mindset during the top of his career where he did not care what other people thought or how other cultures viewed him? his documentary will might be informative about his miss understanding of depression and suicide and culture or it might be a approach to rationalize and make excuses for his actions while promoting a "positive message" of his brand that is probably now suffering slightly. im going to pass on watching it even if at the end he promised to give 100% of his profits from the video to charity because knowing situations like this 100% of profits could also include "100% of profits… after the expenses are paid for the making of this documentary, travel, food, hotels, new equipment etc."

  10. I just need to say that what Logan is doing for a documentary and that he's "going through alot" well you wouldn't ifnu didn't post that video. You had a choice some people have worse than him and had no choice for their sickness or mental issues. They didn't choose that. But Logan choose to film that video and post it. Not to mention how disrespectful he was to the Japanese.
    My biggest question is what happened to his brain and thought while he was editing that video that's all

  11. If there's anything that's very clear about sexual harassment law, it's that intent of the offender does not matter. It only matters if the victim feels threatened or harassed. While we know next to nothing about what happened between this woman and Trudeau, if she felt uncomfortable by his touch (if it was a purposeful touch), it could be considered harassment. However since it was not a repeat incident, I don't think he would see any repercussions.

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