Ted Nugent, old people and smoking "dope."

Ted Nugent claims he’s never touched an illegal drug. He “only has a glass of wine at dinner for the antioxidants” and “only considers it a problem once you’re …

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  1. I don't understand why people care so much about other people using cannabis when people drink alcohol all across the country which has a vastly more detrimental effect on society ar large.

    I feel a lot of people here been brainwashed into thinking it's wrong to ever seek pleasure, especially temporary physical pleasure.

    I don't see what's wrong with using cannabis to relax, feel good, engage in creative activities, take a nice deep nap, before exercising, increase your focus or concentration, or whatever other reason a person is choosing to "get high".

    The stigma of "being high" is what hurts the image of cannabis and the derogatory slang words weed, pot, and dope.

    People need to know that "high" does not equal "not sober" as being drunk does.

    Dispelling ignorance is the only way to push back against the madness of cannabis prohibition.

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