1. Marvelous !! Though this legalization legislation (yes that's an oxymoron) is strangling the life outta most.. it's thrilling to see those who are making sense of this mess… here's to sense, and cents.. YO – STOP SHORT SELLING YOUR UNITS !!
    Cheers Growers Network, Cheers Honeydew ! ALL LOVE>

  2. Funny, I've been loving this cultivar since 1985…… Don't find monetary gains to be the driving force behind my motivations thankfully…….have a germination gift, refuse to move out west… Gotta stay true to my roots………..poor, don't have a big collective, just a state that legalized so they can take the place of black market at 60 for 3.5 grams, which to me is a rip off. I will continue to hope there are gardeners who love the plant for the plant, not for money, stocks, Instagram etc etc etc………very greedy folks will NOT LAST in this industry if those of us with clear concious ease the Bullchit factor!

  3. Great interview, really cool hearing someone open up about the past like that which is great this is what I want as I'm in the same position in NZ. Nice job team.

  4. 17:45 This part on is great, such an important perspective on what's going on right now. Especially the part where Alex calls out on "People with lots of money behind them are getting into the industry with no idea what they're doing, while people who've been at this for years are losing their businesses." (paraphrasing)… That really speaks to what's going on here in (parts of) Canada ironically :/
    Great vid, thanks and can't wait for the full episode ;D

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