1. I left Illinois earlier this year because I realized that Pritzker was going to win the governor. As a result, Pritzker was going have to raise taxes to meet the socialists need to keep their promises.

  2. Nah bro, you guys always feed what people want to hear but NEVER get crap done, instead make it worse. Why did you single out whites when you said to help women and people of color (that being I'm Hispanic), I used to be against the President until I seen him get stuff done and show us he a true American Patriot and in your videos you bash him, I'm voting Republican.

  3. Jb is a shitbag trust fund baby , never did a thing .
    As long as madigan is alive , and democrats continue to put Illinois in the hole , there is no chance for change .Just another example of how democrats destroy a state just to remain in power .

  4. I'm not feeling Rauner and yes he is the less of two evils. One of the things that bothered me when there was a government shutdown how these democrats voted to keep getting paid, because they couldn't sustain👿. I mean as they claim make ends meet. I was with Rauner not to give that money for the teachers pension. Daley pissed all that away so, then taxpayers had to be responsible for his overspending, building up downtown(damn how much building is there for downtown even rahm spending up all money poor investments and stealing with the teachers pension funds. They've been using that fund like a piggy bank. Now taxpayers have to continually get hit with higher taxes and the black schools are a shamble. While their building new schools for hispanics. Rauner lost me when he supported illegal immigration. Now on to this POS. He's been apart of Chicago how long? Oh you couldn't do anything to help the community in job creation and other things. You don't have to be a politician for that and we see what the politicians haven't been doing(NOTHING!!) He has his token black and he just look evil. He's a saint, maybe I'm wrong, because he did agree to pay all those taxes back for taking some damn toilets and something else out of his mansions to make it uninhabitable really? Too save about $250,000 but yea he agreed to pay it back and we believe him because he say so. Yet the average citizen can go to jail for a whole lot less. Just venting because I get sick tired of these politicians and their really ramping it up in the black community, because the demoRats are losing their support. They know they have the hispanic vote. So kissing couple babies, go to a couple churches and hand them a envelope(you know a donation for the churches fund.) You won't see his ass 4 another 4 years.

  5. Change? Democrats have Controlled Illinois for Decades, A Change Would be a > CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE < That is the only way to fix Illinois! FYI: JB Pritzker is the Guy that tried to buy the Senate seat of the 6 month senator obama. How come he isint in Jail? This Budget Crisis was caused by Decade Upon Decades of Democratic Party Spending, What? , you think people are dumb enough to believe that this "crisis" happened overnight, This is a Democrat Party Created Problem, you want to blame somebody blame Madigen & the rest of the Illinois Democrats(50+ Years of Democrat Party State Control)…… Oh & i am tired about hearing about funding schools, you Crookes were supposed to fund it with Lottery Sales & instead for every 1$ given to the schools system by the lottery This Crooked Democrat Led State takes away 1$ of state Tax money( Democrat Party Idea so the Schools net gain is $ZERO). Better than 90% of Illinois Politicians should be up on Federal Charges at this point(Is there anyone who after a term or two isn't a Millionaire?) …. The only Fair Tax is a Flat Tax & even that isn't Fair, We were never supposed to pay Property Tax in this Country, yet before 1913 we still had, Hospitals, Schools, Police, Fire-departments etc etc etc…. STOP LYING ALREADY…..

  6. J B, please hear me and contact me if you wish. No body believes you want to help folks who live in Illinois, my adopted state. We believe you want to get even richer than you already are, at our expense. You polititalk everything, but we heard you on the phone with rod blago. Will you work closely with the Trump administration, our duly elected President? Or are you still with her? Cause if you are…
    well, we know where she is going! Will you try to clean out the corruption inherent in this decades old system that has left our state more than $71M in debt? I see how much money has been donated to this prestigious university in your family’s name, but I see that university filling with Chinese nationals and kids from abroad (which is fine to a limited point) but to the detriment of American kids who can no longer afford the tuition, cost of living or threat of violence from the surrounding Chicagoland community at large. How do you feel about the 2nd amendment mr. pritzger ? After 400 guns stolen from Up s wind up in Midlothian ( I don’t think they were headed to a gun show for FOID card holders To peruse). Still say common sense laws are the answer? Oh, what? More of them, yes I see the point. Don’t even get me started on the number of convictions of non violent offenders and the number of men and women whose lives are ruined by the just us system. Will you really let the usurper in chief steal public land for his modern day monument to himself?!? Come on, mr pritzger, I wanna act democratic about this and with all these allegations leveled I respectfully ask for you to withdraw from the race for leadership in or govt. thanks. In GOD WE trust.

  7. To all citizens who are too lazy to find out who these candidates are, just look up the bio's of Rauner and Pritzker and you'll see that both are super rich and powerful and typical politicians although it seems to me Rauner is the lesser of two evils so to speak. We need more candidates in this country who aren't politicians.

  8. A change? You jack wagons have run this state so deep into debt the only way out is to torch lake and cook county and claim the insurance money. Actually we would probably still be fucked

  9. Illinois is doomed, I'm leaving this state, I'll just sit and watch it burn down to the ground. Just an honest advice to my fellow good hard working Illinoins, save yourselves and leave as soon as you could, there's nothing left in this state but more taxes.

  10. Free healthcare huh? Illinois is so fucking far in debt. How the the fuck are going to pay for it? It's not a right. It's a privilege getting a better job with benefits.

  11. Get out and VOTE…….straight Republican……If the Dummycraps take control of the US Congress……it's same as putting the convicts on the parole board……..!!

  12. another billionaire flexing his amateur acting chops. i'm not falling for it anymore. you're a rich prick and you don't become a rich prick by caring about other people.

  13. Hey J B…….who is your plumber….? I want to remove toliets too……And who should I contact for off shore bank accounts to cheat the tax man….? J B. that stands for "just bullshit"

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