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Here are the time stamps for the topics covered during the video chat: 03:56 – How to stay lean while while you are traveling. Bottom line, don’t use the fact that …


  1. Here are the time stamps for the topics covered during the video chat:

    03:56 – How to stay lean while while you are traveling. Bottom line, don’t use the fact that you’re away from home as an excuse to let your diet and training go to crap!

    05:21 – Hardcore cutting program suggestions (simple but it works)

    06:08 – The drawbacks of following an extreme hardcore cutting program. (i.e. the results don’t last!)

    07:00 – My experience with facing workout problems and the motivation to solve it.

    08:38 – My current cutting program and the health benefits of it.

    10:51 – My motto for working out… Follow this for long term success with your training.

    11:03 – The secret to success – move your body on a daily basis!

    11:52 – Real practical suggestions on losing fat.

    Viewer Q & As…

    15:37 – Dumbbell presses for chest, can you explain the best lifting technique for building the pecs?

    17:53 – Do you still use creatine?

    19:43 – I’ve been deloading for 3 months and working back to 315 on the squat. I cannot complete 5×5. Some gym bro told me I need to do a volume block in order to see strength gains. What does he mean?

    22:57 – Do you think John Cena has ever used Performance enhancing drugs? Is it possible to look like that naturally?

    23:48 – Which do you prefer, dirty bulk vs healthy bulk?

    24:40 – I purchased your hand grippers. How many times a week did you use them to add size and strength? Closing the 350-pound gripper seems freaky. I wanna do that shit too!

    26:45 – Recently I was advised to do a carb cycle. Not 100% sure how to do this effectively, any advice? How many grams of carbs is a ‘low carb day’?

    29:12 – How big are your calves and what would you recommend for your calves?

    32:43 – What is the best training program for a tall female trying to lose weight?

    34:17 – After I get done doing my legs, my knees are often very fatigued for a few days afterward. They don’t hurt, just very tired. Is it normal? Does this mean my form is incorrect?

    36:46 – Do you think it’s a good idea to do a 20rep squat routine? I’m 53 years old, I will be 54 in two weeks.

    40:50 – Is alternating chest workouts okay to do?

    45:13 – Being injured doesn’t mean you have to stop lifting – How to workout around injuries and still make progress.

    48:16 – (Viewer Comments: Discussed) I couldn’t make it to the gym for two days this week and I just did your workout video that you’ve uploaded a few days ago.

    50:55 – I’m 53, I just lost 75 pounds doing a ketogenic diet. I’m fairly muscular after 6 months of 3 times a week at the gym but damn, my shoulder joints just won’t stop cracking and clicking, getting older sucks.

    54:24 – When are some more home workouts coming out? I need a leg one and I love your tricep one.

    58:46 – (Viewer Comments: Discussed) I enjoyed your videos for years. I am not much of a bodybuilder but for someone that suffers from depression, I find going to the gym makes me feel so much better.

    01:01:55 – (Viewer Comments: Discussed) I watched your 20 rep squat video and knocked out 20 reps with 80 kilograms (20 x 80 kg) today.

    01:03:15 – I’m 15, I’ve been lifting for a year, starting to get serious. I weight 59 kg and 5ft 9. Is it okay for me to take protein powder and do exercises that compress the spine like squats make you shorter?

    01:07:30 – I appreciate all the knowledge you put on here. I was wondering if you’ve ever tried Vince Gironda’s steak and eggs ‘diet’. I know you like a variety of foods but I’m just curious.

    01:11:39 – Does smoking a little weed at night to relax effect muscle gain?

    01:13:34 – Because of the lower back hernia that damaged the nerves in my left leg, I cannot fully train the left side like I can the right side, I cannot squat for example. Any tips?

    01:17:51 – I’m currently on a cut train, 3 days a week (1.5 hours each day). How do I adjust my nutrition on training days vs non-training days?

    01:19:49 – What do you think about butterfly with dumbbells on a bench?

    01:24:03 – For anyone not taking anything if you know what I mean, would you say it’s possible to get ripped without starving? I just get too hungry from my workouts which is expected, hence my question.

  2. Thank you, really good and realistic advice Lee, daily exercise and not overeating is indeed the key to success. You don't have to have the perfect diet plan or adhere to very strict macros each day. On some days you may not eat enough protein, or eat way too little, it really doesn't matter. Just eat more protein the next day, never overeat something to compensate. And besides lifting weights always do your cardio. If you are not a professional bodybuilder you don't have to "maximize" muscle gain, you can do it (much) slower. This doesn't mean that you should only eat junk food, nobody is saying that, but your diet and training should not be too strict, boring and unsustainable. I wish I had this mindset 10-15 years ago, instead of quiting strength training altogether. Striving for perfection can easily become the perfect recipe for complete failure, which is sad and unnecessary. I see videos telling people to lift as heavy as they can, go to failure each time and even forget eating cheat meals altogether! This is terrible advice, we should instead help and motivate people to exercise for decades, and not quit after a few months or years…

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