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  1. If we are made with cannabis receptors,,,, and the same person who made us made cannabis trees,, hmmmmm ,,, it does not take a guru or genius to figure out why it is written the herbs of the earth is for healing the nations,, cannabis receptors,, ik we haves whole system called a canabanoid system and it was designed for smoke to enter the brain and effect those receptors we get that system from our ancestors of Sirius the Dog Star where we get the word canine and cannabis also diablo diabolical and deva which means gods in Sanskrit but devil in the western world,,we are designed by the most high which is what the Sirius Star system is called,,, we have canabanoid receptors to make us forget, as in forgive and forget,, it works when you go to sleep with your astral body aka your side rail body which is the body for dreaming,,astral travel such as astral projection, and remote viewing,, the astral body has only short term memory, thus if you meditate or dream you quickly forget your experiences unless you ponder on them or write them down,, thus cannabis was designed by Sirius to make us forget,, all humans are educated and taught to be a servant,, so cannabis make you forget the programming of your mind by the government and parents who are indoctrinated into societies view of reality,, this man should be ashamed to speak he disgrace all the greats that came before him such as milaropa panda patanjelia Hatha, kyri,, raja,, the teachings of the bardo tantrika ,,and Kundalini,, I see a man out for worldly desires involved in worldly things,, but yet fail to show the true pk power of our ancient craft,, I can travel out of body heal ppls long distance and activate any one Kundalini just by conversing with them,, they start to see strange spirits and can’t close their eyes,,I teach all ancient arts and like all imposter teachers they go in front of a big crown which is wrong according to the ancient teachings the discipline require you to maintain a monastic ascetic life dedicated to the guru of your choice but I see fake teachers teaching Kundalini,,when Kundalini is biological and must be carefully monitored plus done in private because it is a real transformation where cannabis is used for municipal therapeutic healing for a person going through a Kundalini Awakening,, I hope this clears up this MSN’s mess he need to go inside and stop externalizing his existence and speaking as a roll model,, this stops truth for western morals, but we are here to learn and speak the truth so to try to build a kingdom here on earth is foolish this is the samsara it is a maya and only way your gonna see it is by unlocking your chakras through Sirius meditation by destroying the brain and mind you return to nirvana,, are you a brain or a mind, do either need the other to operate,, you have a brain but your not your brain you have a mind but your not your mind your brama you need nothing thus forget forget forget one you forget you will only be,being is Buddha,, peace and blessings,, I am Buddha !

  2. Before talking about cannabis first know about it all. Our body produces thc naturally. If it has cannibinoids means body knows he may smoke it. How can you talk when you never tried it.

  3. That's because you was never meant to smoke it….It's a medicine that was originally designed to be ingested like all other medicines. Smoking it is actually harmful, it releases toxins into your system and destroys the medicinal function of the plant.

  4. Honestly listen you can spend your days smoking and being faded out of your mind but you won't accomplish anything or finish…..i smoked weed and you don't realize you are under a toxic drug untill you realize your cycle you keep repeating!!! Notice you are still in the same place and you haven't achieved any goals you desire! There's only one person who can give you what you need and the GOD find god and chase your dreams!

  5. This is very true I received a lot of anxiety that I never had before smoking a year straight I lost my job and don’t make good decisions I wasn’t myself a year later I started to feel like myself and my anxiety went away

  6. Would you like to have someone drive your car or fly your plane who has been drinking heavily?
    Sadhguru mentions all the negative impacts of smoking weed. He claims he has never smoked weed and thinks he knows all about the experience…really? He probably knows what meth and coke is like then….Can some celebate person tell what sex is like?
    I am sure he can write a book on it by stuffing his dick inside a pumpkin…meditate on that buddy!

  7. Sorry but,anyone got blunt? Just need one..Back when i do had that depression..damn weed helps me..but im not addicted to it yet..i smoke it once in three months..thanks..but it cures

  8. So many people In this comment section are getting so defensive over cannabis, I hate that about the cannabis community, yeah sure it's not as bad as alcohol but weed isn't this great thing that fixes all your problems it has its downsides and many people just can't see that and see it as this all healing plant. I smoke myself but I am aware of the negative and positives it has on the body and the mind.

  9. Hears a truth pretty sure why is America going to shit ? Well all hear are so ignorant that think if was not law then they wouldn't be doing it sure that the other guy would know or they wouldn't of got away with it . Think if hear someone say is not lawyou just guess that the guy you think would Know would of said something but this guy bullshit says not law . Well you wrong your guy is as you so pathitic lazy won't look defend guess truth caused much suffering much sorrow broke many family's never even close to Americans . Not sure what country you in but see fake news in Britain indai and pakastian so same bullshit there I bet world wide so if don't want one world order maybe if challenge a person on something have more than a sure that someone be would know your right I wrong just not be you is unbeleivable sorry pathtic other guy says I wrong please show me why how where not say sure someone would know and tell me but you defend lie tell then scary it is as pathitic it are

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