1. There ya go! Good ole fashion reefer, grown and cured outdoors by people that know what they are doing, Not some half-assed botanist from Canada under grow-lights without a clue how to properly cure it.

  2. It was great until 11.00. No it should be humanely,dense, clean fatty beef and high antioxidants veggies. Theres a reason why 45 year veggy people get misdiagnosed in the medical lab. With only dense, no gmo, orgabic veggies you will lack b12. Which is our lifeline for heathly red blood cells and circulation. Humans are meant to eat meat. Simply to survive. The synthetic medication you would take due to not having the right minerals in your body would kill you wat before a natiral meat eater. The key word is clean, dense, humanely foraged protein, on grass. Same thing going for you no bread people keto people. If you bought whole grain pasta from italy, germany, france. Not Americas lab greated wheat that grows on half the stock of the original grain plant,that fights off pest with no worry, and grows in half the time.(pre 50's grain) this is why people cant consume wheat products. Because they desigh tgis wheat. This isnt natural or okay. Test show people with allergies that eat eheat gown in america copared to the other mentioned countrys. They have no side effects on wheat that was grown in which was not the grain america developed.

  3. Rasta: Garlic, thyme, and space is all an illusion mon
    Me: Are you okay to cook?
    Rasta: Ready to roll mon
    Me: That's not what I asked dude
    Rasta: ya mon
    Me: can you understand me?
    Rasta: Mmmmm
    Me: great.

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