1. Hands down, best addiction channel on YouTube! Accurate, objective info and a great resource to all addicts, no matter what stage of addiction you're in! You guys need to do a Ted Talk! 😁😘

  2. The stuff helped me but I was ready to quit abusing drugs after I suffered the consequences. I have been on this stuff since November 2017 and I have slowly been tapering for one year, and stopped at approx half a mg. I am at the 60 hour mark since I last took it and it is not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I thought this stuff was a curse but all said and done it actually helped me, but I am ready to get off it now. I do feel it caused some crazy mood swings and anger out bursts, but I also do not know if that is from some trauma I was recovering from.

  3. I’ve been on Suboxone for 10 years. I’m 30 years old and I walked myself into rehab at age 20 because I did what Society said to do or at least what they thought was best. At this time they had no idea the long term effects of Suboxone or how long one should be on Suboxone. I also raise awareness so I tip my hat to all of you gentlemen. Like I said I’ve been on Suboxone for 10 years and I’ve been told by Every doctor that I’ve seen from all over the country (and out of the country)that I will just have to live with the fact that I will be on Suboxone for the rest of my life. I take my recommended dose I do not abuse it, if I were to get off Suboxone today my withdrawals with last up to two years statistically speaking.The thing is I can’t except that answer. I am looking for Waze as well as spreading awareness, they are currently doing a case study on me which is great if that can help anybody but it’s painful in and out of hospitals all of that but every doctor that I’ve seen from all over the country that I will just have to live with the fact that I will be on Suboxone for the rest of my life. The thing is I can’t except that answer. I am looking for ways as well as spreading awareness, they are currently doing a case study on me which is great if it can help anybody but it’s painful in and out of hospitals all of that but if it helps me get off of Suboxone and it helps people further understand what they’re getting themselves into before they decide to get on a Suboxone program then it’s worth it. I tried to detox myself many times the last time I locked myself in a hotel room for 12 days and woke up in the hospital because I stopped cold turkey and had seizures along with many other complications, I could’ve died and didn’t even know it.

  4. Suboxone is a great Short term tool, you do not want to cold turkey a high dose, its over a month of hell. It is an amazing detox tool guys please be safe and keep it short. Accept minor discomfort over a period of time as opposed to hell over a shorter time. Advocate for yourself and please be safe guys love life and love yourself.

  5. You guys are friggin awesome. I keep on f**king up few days after being on sub because I’m scared of this whole “sub is devil” idea and I taper too quickly (big drops, too soon). Now I’m trying to stay on a large dose (6-8mg/day) for AT LEAST 5-7 days. Plus, I have this addie addiction. Not a huge dose though. What should I drop first ?? This confusion and attempts to cut down on both — is the reason for my constant f*ck-ups…

  6. YESSSS!!!! I think you just have to accept that you're going to be uncomfortable for a while and just deal. In deal (for me) I chose to do things like make sure I had nothing to do for a week. Get vitamins potassium for restless legs. Which really didn't help much. I took anti diarrhea med. which has loperamide it. Watched alot of videos on what to expect and people that succeeded. I kept the end goal in mind..Third and fourth day was rough then every day after got a little better. So…. here is where I am now. I stayed clean for almost two years. Recently had a shoulder problem and it took me only one lortab and I was hooked again 8 mos later and I went to My old Sub Dr just last week. I have a plan and I start them tomorrow. My Dr is very familiar with my case and super supportive. Told me not to beat myself up. Which I know you guys know is so hard not to do. Disappointed in myself for being clean that long and jumping into something I knew I couldn't do. Kept telling myself I wound let it get out if hand. HAHAHA. As if I had any control over that shit. I appreciate and admire your candor. I want to get right and start some kind of support here in my community. Local!! Not sure where to start. I think there is such a great news and what better than someone who's been there.
    So… any suggestions? On that or on getting back off the subs. Just support is totally appreciated!! Thanks guys!!!♡♡

  7. I used to watch you two quite frequently before my son passed from an overdose. Great kid, the world lost a bright light. He was on suboxone but relapsed and was using it as a crutch. But when he was using it correctly it was great. You are so right you have to be in the right mindset. If my son wouldn’t have overdosed I think suboxone could have saved him eventually . You two need to join forces with some of the other people in the recovery community like Ryan Hampton. We need to take this disease down like we did hiv/aids. It’s too late for my son, but I don’t want anyone else’s family to suffer the passing of their child like we did

  8. Not Aiden all these ads on tv come n get better at the clinic funny ha- ha ,u never saw these ads till the poor got Obamacare now u care,lots of ppl have got their lives back n Suboxone is a great way to do it,but don't piss down r backs n say it's a warm shower,if there was no obsmacare I promise u there would b no ads all they want is the money n if u screw up one time they will throw u under the bus thanx but kiss r tales

  9. Not Aiden ,subs r a cure n a curse it will work n u will get better one hundred percent fact but when u r better n wanna quit,good luck,u must taper dose or u won't succeed n I'm coming off now down to one mg a day,but from one to none is hell even if u taper but not as bad I've been at one mg from 8 two weeks your legs will hurt ur skin will tingle but the poison is sometimes the cure like drinking that two more beers u drank n now the next day u pay the bill,it's a dam lifesaver but n e thing that helps will hurt you ,but if u r addicted to hard drugs Suboxone will save you,but i can tell u it's worth it,I'm not giving up on life I will b clean soon or die trying n so can you

  10. My doctor called me and suggested I get off of Suboxone and start the medication Vivitrol injections.Have either of you two ever heard of this med?I really don’t know where to turn anymore because I hate being on this Suboxone.I’m sick of the orange taste in my mouth every time I dissolve a film underneath my tongue.I just want to be sober for once in my lice is that so hard to ask?

  11. My wife had opioid addiction and sought help. She was put on suboxon..for 10 fucking years. Yes the Suboxone got her off the opioids, but then she was addicted to suboxone. Seeking it through outside channels beyond her doctor. Suboxone should be used as a band aid to lead to a cure..for her, it was a replacement. It wasn’t until she nearly lost me and out child that she made the decision to get off of Suboxone. She lowered her dose on her own and then just stopped taking it.
    On her own, she went through shakes, withdrawals, sweating, chills, muscle twitches and walked with a cane for a month. What got her through it was not my supporting words, not hope…what got her through it was hate and anger for what she had done to herself. It’s been 2 years now, no Suboxone, no opioids, Not even a pain killer for actual acute pain. No suspicious lack of money or transactions in our bank account. She did it…on her own. Very proud of her.

  12. Hi! I was on suboxone for 10 years. Today is 38 days completely off suboxone. For me I would say cure. Was on pain killers for a few years started from a surgery. Then 16mg on sub's, thanks Dr that was too much! The past 3 years I was on 2mg and stuck, wd so many times trying to quit and make that jump. Trial n error. You guys, this is doable! yeah it's going to be uncomfortable for a week or 2 or just a few bad days. I made a plan, wrote down my taper plan, some days off work, and you stick to the tapper! Cut those 2mg as small as you can. I CANNOT believe I didn't do this sooner, what a waste of stress, time, money etc. My encouragement to those out there stuck at 2mg scarred to make the jump. In my experience you still need to taper off the 2mg you can do it, trust me I F*ing struggled with finally making the jump. A few days we're bad but I even bought a new Roush 2019 mustang on day 9 and went to a Kaboo concert 3 weeks after my jump. Kinda extreme but I did things for myself to get some excitement in my life and I didn't want to have another F"d up birthday. For me Magnesium helped with the RLS! Follow the directions or google how much you can take. I took for about 2 weeks then forgot bc RLS went away. I also work an office mgt job and had to go back to work after a week. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. It can be all in the mind at this point, be positive and know you can do it! You will be excited you did it! Hugs!! And thank you guys for posting the video I think it will help others! As always you guys rock!!

  13. Hey guys so I’m struggling 😔 I purchased subs and have enough to get through 4 or 5 days . But I’m scared because people say that if I just take it during the acute first 4 days and stop that I’ll go through withdrawal as if I never took it to begin with . Is that true ? Does taking subs just for the first days of detox then stopping just put me in withdrawal anyways when I stop?

  14. As a retired social worker who has worked for decades with recovering addicts, I am more familiar with methadone than soboxine. With methadone, I've seen addicts weaned down to as little as 5mg before leaving the program completely. Addicts love the structure of the daily routine of going to the clinic for their dosing. Just a few observations I've made over the years.

  15. Great video! I just started suboxone last week 8mg once daily. I understand that I may be uncomfortable but I would much rather face that than end up dead from an opiate od. I'm thankful for options like suboxone.

  16. If you guys get bored check out my suboxone taper/withdrawal channel I just started it’s called “kickin addiction”. Maybe someday we can do a video together. I like you guys positive outlook, it’s so important to stay positive…

  17. My opinion anything to do with opoids is a curse. Over month clean of cigies methadone and weed. But on somenights i feel like its day 3 4 again. Scary how much my body needs it. I was on 120 tepered down to 2 ml in 6 months frame. Idk if thats the reason but its a long road to recovery

  18. Suboxone was a cure 10 years ago but I now take it just because my doctor keeps writing prescriptions for me.I tried stopping on numerous occasions to no avail.It can be a godsend if it’s used for a short period of time.Great video fellas.Keep up the outstanding work.You guys are great.

  19. I just wanted to thank you guys for your videos. Found your videos by methadone research. Been clean 3 years on methadone, almost went suboxone way so this was informative. Much love…

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