Marijuana Plants 2 & 3 Weeks: Outdoor Grow Update 1

The big one is 3 weeks & the other 2 just about 2 weeks old. They have been getting straight sunlight & water. They haven’t been getting the max amount of sun …


  1. Aloha I'm from hawaii. We grow two to three plants in each pot its not hard. I see there are a lot of amatures comenting on your video and how hard it is. All you need is extra water and nutrients.

  2. common sense after years of growing has always told us that multiple plants in one pot is not possible. But this is a myth that needs to be busted, after much experience and trips to Holland,you can get a large yield out of this method,look in any grow shop throughout Amsterdam and youll find 3 to 4 plants per pot (soil), under a 600 to 1000 watt, and it is budding emensley. Its an art, scrogg, snap..but it is very possible.

  3. if u look on my page i grew 2 plants in a pot the same size & that was my first grow & they did just fine this time around im gone transplant them there just in the same pot starting off. They are growing outdoors for now getting them as much sunlight as possible then movin them indoors towards the end of veg.

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