★ This is NOT OK! Am I leaving Youtube? (Youtube Changes 2018)

This is NOT OK! Am I leaving Youtube? (Youtube Changes 2018) In Today’s Project Diary Video I will be explaining more of Youtube’s policy changes and new …


  1. Like SandiRose, I stopped watching tv years ago – no-one speaks below 90 decibels, anger and argument are the norm. I started watching YT to be challenged – to learn from people with interesting lives and hobbies, from those like yourself with skills who generously share their knowledge. I don't want to see those channels die out, to be left with dumbed-down content or hysterical sales pitches. YT is risking the loss of so many interesting people and skills. Very sad. I too will follow the good ones to other social media.

  2. You were flagged??? Holy s**t, you are about the most inoffensive person on YouTube! You don't talk politics (thank gods), you hardly even talk about other people. You're a freaking gardening channel (well, mostly), and a very good one at that. WTF is to flag???

  3. Hiya! You asked for suggestions on future videos…..music concerts/venues inUK would be great! Perhaps a look back at your history in the industry? Thanks for considering….wish I could bottle up some sunshine and send it your way. All the very best.

  4. I find YT OK for my needs. I do hope they get some kind of secure license where old movies and TV and music can be streamed without copyright problems effecting public domain access.

  5. Does YTR harm your proceeds? I heard that it helps the video makers when we pay for have Red. Please let us know where you go, if you leave YT. Love your videos and your attitude about gardening! Just bought some blackberries and raspberries and would love to see something regarding those. Keep up the good work!

  6. i never knew I could monetize copyrighted content, i've got more than 1,000,000 page views but my top videos are all from various recording artists that I've made music videos for which is why I never bothered to sign up for ad revenue. Course now I'd have to get 100 more subscribers to hit the 1000 mark, still the subs keep trickling in even though I haven't uploaded a video in ages… anyways, I'm sure things work out for you. Your videos are great and you have a very engaging style and personality so keep them up!

  7. I'm new subscriber from the Caribbean area. My climate is very different from yours, but I do like your videos. They are "clean and clear" and there is always something good to learn. Hugs!

  8. I've been watching a lot of gardening videos and I finally found your videos. Your content is so we'll put together and informative for gardeners! They should all be featured.

  9. This must really be frustrating for you. I'm also unable to work due to a spinal cord thing. 2 years now. Hopefully SSDI will get approved for me soon, and the local equivalent for yourself. In the meantime, I hope that growing as much of my own food as possible, and making things from scratch will lessen my chronic pain and allow me to reduce the amount of medication I take.
    Good luck to you. You really do deserve all the good things.

  10. It would be a loss to YouTube and amateur gardeners everywhere if you would no longer be able to make videos. If you "retired" from YouTube I would understand though. It seems to be getting tough.

    I always give it a thumbs up, watch the entire video (that's easy to do) and share with other people. I did not realize that comments made a difference though. I have YouTube Red so I never see any commercials. I hope that's not a detriment.

    I'll make sure to send some donations via PayPal your way. You have provided so many good, entertaining videos with great information that you deserve every penny.

    I wanted to mention in case I haven't already, that your Facebook gardening group is fantastic. Lots of really helpful people there.

    Take care and I wish you and your grandad all the best. Thanks again for all you do.

  11. Hi, Thank you so much for your how-to videos they are informative and educational. Don't let it get you down, you are doing a great public service. Keep fighting re the PIP you will get there in the end.

  12. I am a small time non partner creator. (and I don't care if I'm monetized or not). But one of my videos has won a prestigious award. What gives me heartburn with YouTube is that they've become so anti-conservative, won't give smaller channels access to any tech support issues (as what happened to my award winning video when it wouldn't play because of a glitch on their end). also they took away any editing tools (I can't even select my own thumbnail). When another start-up company can begin to compete with YouTube, I will be done with them.

  13. Hi there, ok gosh, I would like to ask you a favor. My channel is called GinaBizzaro. No space. That was my mistake. So my favor is this, would you mind terribly shouting me out? I mean, if you see fit, of course. But either way, I wish you much luck and much love with your channel. And I love the originality of your content. Have a good one!!🤗

  14. It really ticks me off that the most successful internet companies are not being responsible about servicing their viewers and their content providers. If you decide to go elsewhere, I hope you will leave a video telling us where we can see your efforts. Thanks for all your work.

  15. Your planting videos are really helpful for my planting and i just hope youtube won't remove your channel on planting as it is really educational on those who love planting. I have learned so much on planting reason why i have growing seeds in our small terrace.

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