1. That's awesome brother 💪 I got into growing because I was sick of the price and quality of the meds around my town. I wanted patients to be able to get their meds without going broke. I now provide patients with the best and cheapest meds in my town. I can't believe the garbage people try to pass off as "medical" . ✌

  2. Double thumbs up for sharing real stuff, Kali. Reason for growing? For me it's about being freedom of self healing. Cannabis helps me and many of my friends do that. This is my first year growing herb. I'm keeping it simple, trying a diverse but modest choice of strains, and hoping for a great season. I ordered a few varieties of seeds, and have some clones coming in May. Things will be busy on the farm.

  3. What's up buddy is ther any way you can preserve the corn tea or how many days does it last do you think…. or do you think it's better to just make new corn every time needed

  4. From the looks of yet pyote cookies jar it must be ur favorite you will run out way b4 your next crop keep up the great info and tips your the best my favorite channel

  5. 40 lbs a year I wish I could even grow 5 a year or even any as it is illegal for me still trying for my medical grow paper work which is only 15 indoor or 4 outdoor which is not enough in my books but that's government regulators screwing me out of my ability to have my medicine at a resonable rate and that's if they allow me outdoor would not be feesable as I live in an apartment and I'm sure they won't allow me to on a friends farmland

  6. Got started growing when a voice in my head said "hey, let's grow some weed and get rich". And, then it failed. I got back up though. I really would like to see you experiment with one plant by giving it a feeding of Foxfarm's Open Sesame and Beastie Blooms with two of the same plants in a side by side comparison. Otherwise, you have to just go off of memory on how big the buds usually are from previous grows. And, are you open to using molassis during the last 3 weeks of flower? It's organic.

  7. I was 17 when I started, on a budget, ghetto style in my drawer with some cheap CFL's … As I got deeper into growing I improved my gear and techniques. Did indoor and outdoor, CFL's, HPS and LED's, always in soil and using chemical nutrients … I've never grown big amounts, probably in my whole time (about 7-8 years) my total amount was less than half of your harvest in a summer … Now I temporarily moved from my country (Portugal), and I will only go back when weed is legal (hopefully in the near future) so I can live my dream of growing weed for a living .. I don't really dream of a big warehouse, just a small indoor place with 2 rooms and about 10-16 lights in the flowering room, not till living soil … Maaaan I would live happily


  8. I started smoking to help my back cause i have 2 buldging discs and my shoulder had to have a bunch of work done. The pain medication only caused a addiction and eventually stopped helping with the pain at all. Now I'm pain pill free and my pain management is much better now. What would be the best strain to grow for pain relief? If any one knows let me know please and thank you growmies of the wold!

  9. My story is so close to yours I wasn't in the hospital that long but I used to smoke in the 90s had to quit smoking for my work and then I wrecked my dirt bike and broke my back and have not slept in a bed since that was 4 years ago I started smoking weed again and it helps me sleep a little bit more than I was I started growing 3 years ago and I started helping my friends out and then I wanted to help more people so I also have watched YouTube videos for tips and advice from my friends and your videos have gave me lots of ideas and i'm going to put them all together and its going to be a great season I can't wait to get them in the ground glad to see that you're recovered from the accident I wish the best for you man thanks for being there for us buddy and I keep watching the show and Maybe post a few videos after they go into the ground

  10. Awesome video once again bud..
    I recently was diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis..and had a bad addiction to pain killers in my early days but quit that for 9 yrs strong now..but since the diagnose I've been using cannabis instead of going the pain killer route bc I know where that road goes. .so since then I decided to grow my own and found your channel which helps alot and easier for me to understand what the cycles are and what not to do..how to do it..etc..cannabis takes my pain away and is better choice for me..also
    Keep it up bud..ur helping alot more then u know.
    One day my goal is to get to your level too..thx again.

  11. My story is simple I started growing cos it was getting way to expensive to buy started indoor growing after I’ve been watching you I am thinking of making a 1.2mx1.2m raised bed inside my grow room and do no till inside,will have to wait till this grow is done thou bubble kush yeah boi

  12. I Just started a new grow outdoor I been watching your video an decided to go for It coming out pretty good but trying to push them little taller you got, tips, I can use i been using compost tea once a week or every other week

  13. Kidney stones at the age of 17. I'm 21 now and dont remeber the last day my kindneys felt relieved. If it wasnt for cannabis I wouldn't be able to get up and go to work. Keep smoking. Growers love.

  14. Thank you for sharing your intimate details. I appreciate the tips and the work you put into these videos. They've helped me learn so much before trial. You've saved me a lot of error. Thank you for being responive, dude.

  15. you where not spared it was not you time, an a lot of studying other people work as well next time give them there respect as well bro cause I no you cant do much when your handicap an it makes you look at life way different but its always been here we as people are to busy an don't give mother 🌍 time to resignate Within the spirit soul of humans

  16. Cheers. Me and my mother grew 3. 12 footers in our hot hose. I was 12/13 just lugging water not really knowing what I was watering but one of my older friends new what it was I grabbed a couple grams while it'was drying I been smokin growing sence

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