1. Q: why are your bicep so short on 1 side? its like your distal tendon is 1/3 of your arm. your bicep just stops. injuries? genetics? what gives?

  2. Elliott long time follower of your channels what's with the belt I remember you mentioned you would say something at a later date, I must of not seen it or maybe you haven't said. Is it to do with your hernia you had? I went to the local fitness shop to buy some bumper plates the other day here in Adelaide South Australia and the guy who served me had a strength camp tank top on.

  3. is 9 minutes enough for a workout ? how many time a week you do this workout ? I train back twice a week for in 30 minutes for each session, is it too much I do the push pull legs 6 times a week?

  4. Elliott, what happened to your right bicep?
    I haven't followed your channel in about 2 years, since you changed the location of the open gym (and probably house, I don't know).
    How many things I missed?

  5. Yo Elliot. Your pull up form looks different from Chris Barnums form. Could you do a video explaining that? Is there a form that's better for military, vs just getting wide lats? Or a form to get gains and strength?

  6. Elliott, I know some recommend doing bicep curls in your workout to strengthen biceps so as to prevent bicep tears from happening one day. I don’t like doing bicep curls, I was wondering if weighted pull ups are (in your opinion) sufficient to strengthen the biceps so as to prevent bicep tear from occurring. Thanks brother.

  7. Hello Elliot I have been extremely disciplined with your 5×5 program. I have got amazing results. About a month ago however I was told I have mild nerve damage to my radial ulnar nerve ( the nerve that connects from my neck to mi thumb and pointing finger). I will most likely be ready to train again this week – as you know the 5×5 is a intense program – I was wondering if I should lower the reps and by how much I should lower the weight?

    Thank You

  8. yo elliot ive been running texas method for about 8months now and my progress is beginning to stall hard and takes me twice as long to recover from trainings, do you think i should switch things up?

  9. you should try doing the exercise at 5:40 with outward rotated shoulders it makes you feel that thoracic extension so good and I personally find that I feel both my arms with much more control that way

  10. in a way elliot. it's almost a good thing that you have these long breaks and come back.
    you have such a large audience that it only takes a few months to get your views back up, and in the mean time you can actually spend time responding to people when you first come back.

  11. Yo Elliot, big fan of yours. I'm headed to the tupelo festival in wewa this weekend, pretty sure I saw you there last year. Maybe I'll not be star struck if you're there again

  12. I'm just getting back into the gym this week (didnt do much when I was there last time).
    I get pain in my lower back often, what excerises in the gym can I do to strengthen? Thanks Elliott!

  13. That bicep tear looks bad. If I ever had that happen to me I'd hope the surgeon would reattach it symmetrically. Yours looks so bad I'm wondering if you even got surgery on it or not

  14. I looked through the comments for an answer on the reason you’re right bicep looked the way it does and saw you had a tear. That junk is crazy. How did it happen so I can avoid that scenario at all costs lol.

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